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Let your imagination go wild

As you probably know the practical uses of fiberglass are virtually endless, and are only limited by your imagination. Fiberglass has opened many new avenues for creative designers. The reason being, its unique physical properties that allow it to be easily tooled, molded and manufactured to meet almost any specifications.

Fiberglass World is a family owned and operated company with direct involvement each day. Our reputation for reliability, quality, superior products, and competitive pricing is unmatched in the industry. That's why Fiberglass World is the one fiberglass manufacturer you can trust with your most difficult projects.

Over 40 years of experience manufacturing fiberglass reinforced plastic products for the commercial construction industries.

You will be treated like our only customer.

All units are handmade in Patchogue, NY with highly trained technicians and fabricators.

Competitive pricing.

Custom molding capabilities - from concept through production.

Wide range of pre-existing molds that can be altered and custom fabricated to meet your needs.

Custom colors and finishes, including simulated polished granite, terra cotta, concrete, and other architectural surfaces.

Today more and more Fiberglass is being used in products that were traditionally manufactured of steel, sheet metals, structural foam or other materials. Whether you are in the Architectural, Decorative, Marine, Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural or Aerospace field and have a unique custom component or a production item, we can help to produce it to your specifications.

Our long experience in laminating fiberglass (FRP) and in designing and development engineering will work for you.

Bring us your plans or ideas and we will work with you, applying our knowledge in the design and construction of your product.